"Cannot load menu.mmc" error

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"Cannot load menu.mmc" error

Post by John Whitling » Mon Feb 18, 2008 10:20 am

If you run into this error when Starting Gen 2, it is due to the language setting in your Windows configuration that the program cannot find. You want to check the language setting in Windows and correct it to "EN" for English. Follow these steps ..

1. RightClick the icon for "My Computer, and select "Properties".

2. Go to the <Advanced> tab, and click <Environment Variables>.

3. Find the "Lang" entry (probably in the "System Variables" section.

4. Select the "Lang" entry, and click on <Edit>

5. Set it to "EN" instead whatever is there.

6. Click <OK> 3 times to close all dialogs

7. Try launching Gen 2. That error should be gone.
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