Suddenly things aren't working quite right step 2

Where to go when the system has problems
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Suddenly things aren't working quite right step 2

Post by John Whitling » Wed Jan 17, 2007 10:32 am

Sometimes, though it's rare, our calc engine, Quattro Pro, can become problematic. You have two options if you feel that this could be the problem.

The quickest, easiest solution is to go to your program list, find "Alliance Millsoft" and click "repair Quattro". This will reinstall the latest service patch for Quattro Pro 8. It will often require a restart of Windows.

If that didn't fix the problem it's best to uninstall Quattro Pro 8. You'll need your WordPerfect Suite CD to uninstall it. The CD will also give you an option to "repair" your installation. If you've already gone thru the repair Quattro step, above, I suggest you uninstall and then reinstall Quattro Pro.

During the uninstall process if you are prompted as to whether you want to delete folders, select no. Then after you reinstall, run the "repair Quattro" tool, above to apply the latest service pack to your new install.

Also after you reinstall Quattro you will have to replace a file that we use that gets overwritten on a reinstall. Download the file and copy it to the "C:\Corel\Suite8\Programs" folder. Here's a link .. ... ..

If you don't perform this last step you will "toolbar not found" errors. And trust me, you want your toolbars.

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