Suddenly things aren't working quite right step 1

Where to go when the system has problems
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Suddenly things aren't working quite right step 1

Post by John Whitling » Wed Jan 17, 2007 10:09 am

Ah, software can be so finicky at times. What to do when it doesn't feel quite right?

First thing is to have Windows search for errors on your hard drive. A lot of users have forgotten about this kind of maintenence and if you're one of them you can find this tool by going to My Computer, and right clicking on your C: drive. Select Properties and then look for a "tools" tab and on it click the "check now" button in the error checking box. A small box will appear and in that check to "automatically fix errors".

Often Windows will require you to restart the computer and then Windows will perform the test on start up.

Are things better now?
If not let's try to clean up the Windows registry. The Windows registry is a database of Windows program settings and every once in a while it's gets in a little disarray. There are numerous Windows registry cleaners out there. Some are very "gentle" while others are quite "abrasive". The overall best one I've found over the years is CCleaner. It's a free download and is capable of much more than just registry cleaning, but we'll use it just to clean the registry for now. Get it at ..
Again, while CCleaner can do many things we want to use the registry cleaner. In the most current versions the button for registry cleaning is on the left panel.

Did this take care of the problem? Great if so, but if not proceed to the step 2 thread. here's a link .. ... p?f=8&t=32
Thanks for participating!

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