Upgraded to Windows 10 and have problems?

Where to go when the system has problems
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Upgraded to Windows 10 and have problems?

Post by John Whitling » Thu Aug 11, 2016 10:30 pm

First, our system supports Windows 10 just fine.

However, we have had a few clients having issues after performing a Windows 10 upgrade (NOT a new clean Windows 10 install). If it seems like you're having issues after upgrading your PC to Windows 10 .. could be pathing issues on a network installation or custom library issues or some other mysterious problem, we've found that running the Windows Registry cleaner in the CCleaner application seems to fix those issues.

Often when you upgrade an operating system the Windows Registry gets a little messed up so scanning and repairing the registry is usually all it takes to get your machine performing as it used to again.
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