After a new install the Planswift plugin does not work

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After a new install the Planswift plugin does not work

Post by John Whitling » Wed Jan 06, 2016 2:44 pm

Symptom .. a new install seems to work just fine for the Assistant Estimating System but when I go to use the Planswift plugin an error message quickly comes up and disappears. It say something about Windows registry keys not installed.

Solution .. the installation was done on machine with UAC (user account controls) enabled, which is the default for Windows Vista and up. If UAC is enabled you can disable the UAC in the control panel (what most people do**) or you can run the setup.exe in the netadmin folder on the Corel disk 1, but you must do so as an administrator. To do so right click on the setup.exe file and choose run as admin. This will fully install all the settings that are required for the Windows registry.

** To turn off User Account Controls read this link .. ... ows-vista/
It varies depending upon your Windows version.
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