Setting up the auto backup function

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Setting up the auto backup function

Post by John Whitling » Fri Mar 07, 2008 11:29 am

There can be occasions when the system can crash, although it's quite rare. Usually there is a problem with the program setup, or Windows, etc. There is a feature that you can enable that will automatically create backup files for you so that if you do experience a crash you can recover any work you have done since the last save.

To do so, go to Tools|Settings|File Options. From there enable timed document backups and set the interval that you want the system create a backup. 5 or 10 minutes usually works well.

So what exactly does this do?
The system will write a backup file (not save the file that you are working in, but write a completely new file with a BAK file extension in your working folder). On normal program exit the backup files will be erased. However in a crash the files will remain and on startup the system will see that a backup file exists and ask if you want to restore that file. To do so answer "yes". Otherwise the backup file is erased, forever gone.

When you restore a file it's contents are written to a NoteBook1 file, meaning that your original bid file is left intact, rather than being replaced by the backup. Once the file is open you can rename the notebk1 file to whatever name you want to use. NOTE: the notebk1 file is not located in your working folder. When you save from a backup file you will have to set the file path to your normal working folder. ANOTHER NOTE: When you are recovering backed up files the system will ask you if you want to restore the AMSLibrary file before it asks about any backed up bid file. You do not want to restore the AMSLibrary file .. answer no to restoring that file.

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