Lay up labor

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peter landry
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Lay up labor

Post by peter landry » Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:20 pm

where can i find the amount of labor it takes to lay up sheet of laminate for cabinet doors and drawer fronts.


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John Whitling
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Re: Lay up labor

Post by John Whitling » Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:20 am

Labor for plastic laminate glue ups for cabinets can be found in column V of the casework labor factors (V5 .. V29). This labor is only calculated if you have a glue line in the finishes tab of your cabinet spec. If no glue line is entered in the cabinet spec, no labor for the glue line is figured, as if you were purchasing pre-laid panels for the cabinet spec, which is fairly common on large casework jobs. The labor is entered into whatever labor department you would like to use for layup labor. The labor entry is "per Sq Ft". A sample entry for a half hour to lay up a single sheet would be .5 hrs / 32 = .015625. Our default entry is .006 which equals .2 hrs per 32 sq ft.

You could also choose to enter the labor in columns X,Y,Z etc for door panels but then it would always be figured, whether you were using pre-laid panels or in plant laminating. Thus the first option gives you a more flexible setup in my opinion.

Does that help?
Thanks for participating!

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